Saturday, 9 October 2010


Came across this, Bicycle 'Trees' at bus stops, they fold up for storage etc.

Mitchell Joanchim

In case you haven't come across this crazy architect before.

here is a talk he did for TED

as well as an article about re-designing cites from scratch

enjoy, and discus!

transportation of the future

We can choose to build a city that relies on technologies already in use in small areas across the world. Such as a public bike systems as seen in Paris with the Velib' system, or Barcelona, Lyon and countless other European cities. Or we could do something like what some Asian cities have done with the Oystercard system,  they taken the use of a transportation card such as the oyster card way beyond what we can currently do in London. The card is now used to not only buy metro and bus tickets, but also groceries and other goods. 

So now the question is, instead of re-inventing things that already exist, can't we take ideas that are still at the prototype stage and create a city that could accommodate for them? such as the flying cars that are currently being developed in Israel.

Below are a few ideas that i have found floating around the internet.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Farm to Table

For the group investigating urban farming, this is a little something i found that happens today in NYC


and other links:



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It's not just Copenhagen that's pushing for bicycles...



I feel this image is a good representation of the contrast between industry and leisure. What do you think?

Swimming pool designed by Dirk Paschke and Daniel Milohnic.
Zollverein coal mine industrial complex, Essen, Germany.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An attempt at drawing a Greenspace in S.F. with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Urbanism Examples

Hello Everyone,

Here's a few web sites that might be of interest which have some good examples of urbanism included.


Information is Beautiful

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Have a look at this website:

It might be a good idea to try to represent our information gathered in a similar type of way, using simple diagrams and sketches.