Monday, 10 January 2011

Masterplan Development


Masterplan Zoning

Settlement CentreHigh DensityLow DensityImportant BuildingsIndustrial SectorFarming Sector School Locations

Transportation Routes

Primary Routes
Secondary Routes Tram Routes Rail Link Green RoutesPerspectives

Settlement Centre
Settlement Centre Settlement Centre - SquareHigh DensityNeighbourhood Square

Street Layouts

Primary Streets, 27 Meter Streets. London Road and Dalmarnock Road are the main streets in our settlement that will link the M74 to Glasgow. Medium density building types will separate the low density building types from the high density building types.
Primary Streets, 20 Meter Street. These are the main shopping streets that run through the centre of the settlement, with high density building types at an average of seven storeys.
Secondary Streets, 16 Meter Street. The streets are split in two different types, the first type occurs throughout the settlement with different buildings ranging in heights. This type of street also gains access for cars to park, etc. Secondary Streets, 16 Meter Street (Green Street). The second type of street will mainly be used to connect the neighbourhood centres acting as a link, the only vehicle allowed on this street would be that of emergency services. Also the street would occur thoughout the settlement with buildings ranging in heights. Model Images - Settlement Centre

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