Wednesday, 1 December 2010



I have an article I was using for my dissertation on GuangMing, an eco city being built as an extension to Shenzen in China. The proposal is by CJ Lim and will be a sustainable city of 200,000 people.

The city will be a car free zone with walkable neighbourhoods and electric buses for inter neighbourhood travel, Lim has ideas on transport hubs similair to ours.
The city is powered entirely by renewable energy with all organic and water waste being recycled for use in farming.
The city uses vertical farms utilising hydropnics and aquaculture to grow vgetables etc. and the ground for grazing livestock.
Also the city is to be an educational centre focussing on sustainable living, healthy eating etc.

The proposal is pretty similair to ours so is worth a look. I will take the photocopy of the article I have into studio and pin it up if anyone wants a look.



  1. can you please scan them - so I can upload to our website as well, that could be a good example to compare with our master plan