Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rehabilitation Community

Due to the strong drive for health within the group's Masterplan strategy, I felt that it was appropriate to design a Rehabilitation Community within one of the neighbourhoods.

The design rationale behind my Rehabilitation Community is focused around the idea of escape. Patients who will be using the facility need to feel that they can escape from the urban environment to deal with their serious mental and physical addictions. The idea of this escape is enhanced by the landscape in which the rehabilitation community sits, where the buildings seem to emerge from it. The small timber structures puncture the landscape and create a sensitive environment and atmosphere in which the patients can begin their recovery process.

The rehabilitation community is centred around patients battling drug abuse, alcohol abuse and eating disorders. Each of these facilities contains 3 blocks which provides:

  • 1 which provides accommodation

  • 1 which provides recreation facilities

  • 1 which provides therapy/counselling (both individual and group)

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