Sunday, 12 December 2010

Here's a wee idea.. i tried to create a variety of spaces:

a central civic square

a park/square that opens south onto the river

wide sweeping curved streets like similar to oxford street

connections to the 'central park through the blocks at one point

an avenue overlooking the 'central park' at another point.. similar to the one at bon accord gardens

a long open park space similar to rubislaw/queens terrace gardens

sorry i dont have a scanner, these are just pics taken from my phone.. i'll get better quality ones scanned in tomorrow


  1. it is look heavy for the site but its still more reasonable than the low rise slum, could be better with bigger street for ther center

  2. from the scale I can feel that you gonna have some 100-meter-buildings

  3. some of them would be terraces.. the fifth year block is 80m so i think its ok personally... it's at the scale of the edinburgh new town.. except some blocks are smaller so they could just be one biulding, with a big enough base to be a large office block for instance

    you hardly ever get a single building with roads on all four sides, these blocks are collections of buildings, terraced together..

    we could slice some alleyways through a couple of the blocks aswell

    at least we're getting some debate now


  4. It is good to see another interpretation of this part of the site. Perhaps we have gone from too small to too large, but that is fine, at least we have learned from the exercise of transferring our thoughts to paper.