Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hi, just while looking up info for neighbourhoods have been coming across alot of things in relation to Freiburg, Germany especially Vauban thats mainly relating to Transport strategy, is on a smaller scale (city of 210,000 and Vauban 5,000) but basically it sounds like what they have been doing is similar to us in idea- communal garages etc, hierarchy for transport i.e. big car routes, public transport routes, play routes (similar to our 'green' streets in usage i think) etc, their smaller 'play streets' have a 3-5m wide pavement, 1m of which has a lowered curb so occasionally when needs be larger delivery type lorries can drive on it. They have also judging from pics got trams running on rails through the 'grassy' strip of land separating pavements from the car roads with trees between two which breaks up the wider streets a bit. I'm in neighbourhood group but think also links into transport for ideas.

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