Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ha Noi the Ascending Dragon

My sketch of Ha Noi - 10/10/2010 click here to see drawing details
This is a story about Hanoi, a story of a city start from scratch to become a capital of 90 million people country.

Ha Noi is a capital city of Viet Nam, the second largest city of the country, with more than 7 million people.

Ha Noi is located in the right bank of Red river, the city located 1,760km (1090 mil) north of Ho Chi Minh city (known as Saigon) the largest city of Viet Nam.
10th October 2010 was officially mask 1000 years of establishment of city.

Ha Noi has been inhabited since at least 3000 BC. One of the first known permanent settlements is Co Loa citadel found around 200 BC.

In 1010 Ly Thai To the first ruler of the Ly Dynasty moved the capital of Dai Viet (Great Viet, then the name of Vietnam) to the site of Dai La citadel . Claiming to have seen a dragon ascending to Red river, he renamed it Thang Long (Ascending Dragon), a name still use poetically to this day.

After 1000 of struggle history the city remaining the capital of Viet Nam .
Today, Hanoi 's total area increased to 334,470 hectares divided into 29 subdivisions, a metropolitan area covering Hanoi and 6 surrounding provinces under planning will have area of 13,436 square kilometers with a population of 15 million by 2020.

After Vietnam's War the city growing spontaneously.Therefore, I love to do "City extension" topic or "City regeneration" topic,which will be very useful for me.
My career in Vietnam in the future will be facing these things, but 2 years for master program, doing "New city planning" will be very great opportunity, because we can foresee the future of 2050 with current conditions of technology, knowledge and social...

Ly Thai To, the King who saw the potential of the land which was good for transportation, agriculture, defend... Ascending Dragon was the image carrying his dream of the land would grow.

For me, personally I am able to dream of the future city which I dream to live, I believe you can do that also.

Our Unit2 has people from many places from over the world, we are loving our own home towns and culture, doing something in common will be very good to learn from mistakes, doing "new city planning " is also good to learn for your own loved places extension or regeneration in the future.

You still have time to change your vote !!!

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