Saturday, 16 October 2010


The model of the city could be easily any other cities in the world such as London, New York, Sydney or even Kuala Lumpur however the model is a representation of Amsterdam, having the voids filled up with water.

I chose Amsterdam because it has the historical parts and yet it has one of the most modern architectures merging together. The future city will very much have to come in terms with adapting itself into the city and possibly siting next to a historical site. Moreover, the city being vibrant caters for both old and new and has a very mixed character.

Amsterdam isn't the only city which has this balance. Most of the other cities in Holland are similar to this as well. These cities have already gone through the process of rejuvenation and has reinvented itself as a city both modern yet historical. On one street you have the Anne Frank's house and the museum attached to it has a modern building inserted next to it. This city can teach us on how we can tread carefully and create a balance between the old and new.
Also attached is a tilt-shift video of IAM Amsterdam. A video project by Nike for advertising purposes but the concept of tilt-shift is to focus the eye into certain points which our eye would otherwise, not observed thus creating a new way to look at cities. This will be carried on to our site visit to Glasgow next week, with luck it will be just as successful.

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