Sunday, 14 November 2010

a fairly frustrating boundary for our site...

turns out RMJM have already masterplanned a considerable area of our site for the Commonwealth Games...

Do we incorporate it?

Opinions please


  1. i personally think we should integrate it, as it has strong transport links to glasgow as well as restaurants etc.

  2. i rapidly checked out their proposal, and it seems to have some of the same ideas we developed in our last esquises. Mainly the creation of streets that follow the river, as well as links that cut across the urban fabric freeing a passage down to the water.
    So on those basis, as well as the strong transport links the master plan develops, i feel we should consider integrating it into our own scheme. As we are looking to develop the opposite side if the river it will help us react against something, very much like Patricia Cain's approach to her drawings.