Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Group 3 Esquisse - 17.11.10

Group 3's attempt at a masterplan idea from today's task. Main focuses were on:

  • Topography

  • Transport

  • Walkability

  • Linking Grids

  • Orientation

On to the next one...


  1. Well done for today guy !
    As a group member I am happy with what we have done for today, everyone have something in common, therefore, we can go forward to get the master plan done soon.

    Its fair for me also even I would not have a chance to say something about my idea, Its maybe stupid but I really need some minutes to say without interruption,(30 sec for yesterday and 15 sec for day, wow!). So I wont say anything about that again, It will be something for drawing competition.

    see you guy tomorrow


    Le Phuong

  2. Im glad that similar themes came up in each of the groups, we definitely have a direction to go in and develop over the next week.