Tuesday, 2 November 2010


What is 21 st Century Settlement can do ?

Reparando Trailer - 01 - Spanish from Athentikos on Vimeo.

"Athentikos is in the final stages of its first production - Reparando - a story based in Guatemala. Reparando will release in early Summer 2010.


On the morning of June 18. 1954, the US CIA dropped leaflets in Guatemala City demanding the resignation of the president. Guatemala was ravaged by Civil War for the next 36 years. But hope is rising. In the midst of incredible odds, victims have been transformed into champions who willfully embrace the pain of their past to help repair the next generation. This is their story. Shorty - a former gang member who is now a pastor, and Tita - a woman who started a school in Guatemala's most notorious slum have joined forces to repair La Limonada.


An orphan becomes a teacher at an orphanage that transformed her life.
An employee of a wheel chair company devotes himself to enriching lives of the physically disabled.
An ordinary family feeds hungry children in their community and begins a school give the next generation of Guatemalan children greater opportunities.
Scavengers at the dump in Guatemala City are given a better future through micro-finance loans.
By documenting these amazing stories of people giving their lives away, our hope is to raise capital for Micro-Finance in "

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