Sunday, 5 June 2011

Residential High Rise, Rowan Morrice

The aims of this project were to combine the best of suburban life, with the best of urban. The building reads as a series of stacked dwellings, which, although varied in size and floor area,, combine to make an ordered sculputural object within the city. Each apartment has two gardens, - internal and external. In light of Glasgow's mild but very wet climate, the internal gardens provide a warm, tropical environment, full of light, volume, smells of plants and so on, which the apartments can open out onto, blending the threshold between inside and out. Additionally, one of the two helixical atriums also contains a staircase with access to every apartment, accessed every 4 floors from the core by an express elevator. Half of the apartments have their gardens opening out onto this space and half are completely private. Here the choice is between a "front" garden and a "back" garden, depending on the personality of the occupant.

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