Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bank Headquarters, Greg Riddell

Wall Presentation...
The design for the bank's new headquarters is an interpretation of the core values of a modern bank, Openness and Simplicity, which is key to encourage trust between the public and the corporation. The modern office space emphasises on transparancy, and dynamic social enviroment. Openness is a central theme within the building as well as externally. Transparant facades help to underline the bank's opennes towards the surrounding world while highlighting the semi public functions such as resturant and conference facilities. Simplicity is expressed through the building's easy orientation centres around a central atrium. Bridges between the two wings of the building and open spaces create visual contact and dynamic variation between the floors, creating a lively working enviroment with interaction and contact between the storeys. The floors contain open office spaces with common facilities situated within the two wings of the building. Informal meeting spaces are located throughout the building on the edge of circulation routes to encourage informal meetings and exchange of ideas. The office space is flexiable to allow for the ever changing ways of working in a business, the flexible interior makes it open to respond to the exterior of the building. The facade of the bank attempts to reflect the duality between the classic and the modern. The building combines solidity and transparancy with a select palette of materials, the fibre cement clad facade, in sandstone finish, reinterprets the classic concept of a corporate head office. Inside, two cantilevered glazed meeting rooms are suspended, these transparent boxes emphasises the openness that the corporation has within its team of staff and with the public as everyone within and out with the building can see meetings in progress. this feature also aims to develop an inspiring enviroment which enhances the sense of team spirit.


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