Saturday, 11 June 2011


The master plan created for the east end of Glasgow by our unit involved a green route system providing a simple way to get around the settlement using sustainable transport such as cycling. For this network to work and continue to flourish until 2050 and beyond it was felt that a social hub was needed. The original concept for the building was the ability to cycle up and over the building, integrating the routes with the structure creating a dynamic route alongside the river Clyde. The interior spaces involved retail, repair and rental compartments based on cycling as well as cafe and lounge areas. On the upper, less public floor there is a classroom with the aim of teaching the citizens of Glasgow how to use the new cycle network along with how to repair and look after their bicycle. This floor also features the cycle headquarters in charge of the upkeep and future of the green route system. Level 2 contains the pit-stop information pod and juice bar as well as the main entrance and vertical circulation down into the main spaces.

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